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Navigating legal matters can be overwhelming and costly. Fortunately, with AZ Statewide Paralegal, our experts redefine legal document preparation services with custom-tailored, affordable solutions that bridge the gap between the intricate legal landscape and your needs.

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Legal document preparation services can be daunting when you factor in the cost of obtaining a lawyer and the complexities of the legal landscape. With over 50 years of combined experience, we understand the concerns clients face when choosing to self-represent in legal matters. That’s why we eliminate the hassle, high costs, and time constraints of traditional legal services. We empower our clients with support and guidance, accommodating their specific needs to get the job done right without financial burdens and drawn-out cases. From divorce paperwork to trusts and wills, our team in Arizona is here to streamline your legal document preparation services ensuring you are well-informed and confident for prompt and effective resolution.

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AZ Statewide Paralegal is a complete case management legal document preparation service. Certified by the Arizona Supreme Court, we are equipped to prepare, file, serve, and track deadlines with strict adherence to regulatory procedures. With extensive knowledge in the Rules of Civil Procedure, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, and Rules of Probate Procedure, we provide a comprehensive approach that garners fast resolution, peace of mind, and minimal expenses when compared to traditional attorney services.

Navigating probate is made simple with AZ Statewide Paralegal. Count on our expert guidance to assist you through document preparation and court procedures. We secure your Letters of Testamentary and notice to all interested parties, we file documents that distribute your property and collaborate with you to seamlessly close the estate.

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Protect your assets and ensure that your wishes are honored in the event of your passing with our dedicated living trust and wills legal document preparation services. These legal instruments affix the distribution of property upon death, helping your loved ones avoid probate with a probably funded trust prepared by our Certified Estate Planner (CEP). With our expert guidance, we help you create living trust and wills that cater to your requirements and circumstances.

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Discover comprehensive support for legal matters of guardianship for minors and adults. We are here to help you prepare the necessary documents to safeguard the well-being of your loved ones. Our experts work with you to gather pertinent information to help you self-represent your case, we then prepare and file your documents for a smooth guardianship transition that brings value to your family.

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Matters of family law can become increasingly strenuous once lawyers get involved. For those seeking a simpler approach, look no further than AZ Statewide Paralegal. We handle legal document preparation services for all facets of family law. From complete divorce document preparation with deadline tracking and strict adherence to court regulations to child support documents including establishing, modifying, or terminating child support, we offer clarity and support during challenging family law matters.

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Discover peace of mind when forming and managing your LLC with AZ Statewide Paralegal. We handle the preparation of Articles of Organization and the Arizona Corporation Commission cover sheet and deliver the paperwork for expedited filing, help you obtain an EIN number, fax a Notice of Filing to the appropriate newspaper, and send the Affidavit of Publication. In addition, we can prepare an operating agreement for your business.

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Experience efficiency for your property transfer with AZ Statewide Paralegal’s comprehensive deed services. We extend our legal document preparation services towards helping our clients transfer residential or commercial property, ensuring the required paperwork is filed and satisfied in a timely and effective manner for a streamlined process.

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Founded by Shannon Trezza, Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer, and Certified Estate Planner, and co-founder, Stephen M. Trezza, Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer and an Attorney, AZ Statewide Paralegal is Phoenix and Tucson’s partner in quality legal document preparation services. We take pride in reconceptualizing the landscape of legal assistance in Arizona. With decades of time-honored experience behind us, we have created a solution that allows clients to achieve accessible and affordable legal document preparation services without the prohibitively expensive price tag. Our commitment extends beyond legal document assistance, we serve as your dedicated partner, offering the key to affordable and prompt resolutions backed by knowledge and expertise.

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Secure affordable and hassle-free legal document preparation services without an attorney with AZ Statewide Paralegal. From document preparation to filing, deadline tracking, and beyond, count on our hands-on approach and time-honored expertise to optimize your legal matters for prompt and effective resolutions. Contact our team today to schedule an in-person initial meeting.

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