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Dedicated Arizona Family Law Legal Documentation Services

In the realm of family law, obtaining an attorney can quickly become costly. In contrast, navigating these matters on your own can lead to a lapse in proper documentation or time-constraints that negatively impact the resolution of your case. That’s why AZ Statewide Paralegal provides dedicated Arizona family law services in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. From uncontested divorce proceedings to child support and beyond, count on us for professional and empathetic guidance that eases the strain of legal family issues.

Comprehensive Divorce Document Preparation and Filing

For those looking to self-represent in an uncontested divorce case, AZ Statewide Paralegal is here to ensure your divorce document preparation and filing is handled with the utmost consideration and attention to detail. We understand the emotional toll of family law cases. That’s why we handle every facet of your divorce filing—from drafting legal petitions to filings and noticing involved parties, we’re here to streamline the process and achieve a prompt resolution.

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Our Full-Scale Arizona Family Law Divorce Document Preparation

Choosing our services for your divorce matters begins with a simple, 30-minute initial meeting completed at our office or by phone or by Zoom video conferencing to collect the necessary information used to prepare your legal paperwork. This initial meeting can be completed at our office or by phone for your convenience and comfort. This approach ensures your documents will be prepared for your signature on your first, and potentially only visit with our team. The documents involved in the process include the following:

  • Civil cover sheet
  • Summons
  • Preliminary injunction
  • Petition for dissolution
  • Affidavit regarding minor children
  • Confidential information sheet
  • Notice to creditors
  • Notice of right to convert health insurance
  • Order to complete parenting class (when applicable)

Service of Process and Deadline Tracking

Following complete preparation of your Arizona family law divorce documents, ensure your spouse receives legal notice and the court receives proof of that notice, on your behalf. Our service of process options include an Acceptance of Service Process form, which can be completed during our document preparation phase, or you may choose certified mail by a restricted delivery, personal service, certified process server, or a publication once a week for three weeks. If the opposing party does not respond within 20 days of being served inside Arizona or 30 days of being served outside of Arizona, an Application for Default may be filed.

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Finalizing Your Divorce Case

In cases where the opposing party signs the agreement, a court hearing is not required to finalize the divorce. As such, our experts will prepare a Consent Decree of Dissolution of Marriage for your signature and the opposing party’s signature. For an additional fee, we may also deliver the Decree of Dissolution to the judge to obtain their signature on your behalf. For clients who do not wish to wait the 61 days, we can provide guidance on how to “walk your paperwork through default court,” and prepare a Rule 45 Consent Decree, which both parties must sign. The legal document preparation involved in this portion of the process includes the Default Decree of Dissolution, and for clients with children, we will also prepare the following:

  • Joint parenting plan (if applicable)
  • Parent’s worksheet for child support
  • Child support order
  • Income withholding order
  • Fact sheet

Navigating Child Support and Legal Decision Making

For parents looking to modify their Arizona Child Legal Decision Making (Custody), or Parenting Time order, but do not want to undergo the financial burden or time-constraints of working with an attorney, AZ Statewide Paralegal can help. In addition to our family law divorce services, we extend our knowledge and expertise towards assisting with the document preparation and filing process for an array of child support, legal decision making, and custody cases. With innovative software, we can calculate your child support or assist in drafting an uncontested custody arrangement and prepare your documents with precision. We will then file them at the court on your behalf, ensuring the other party is served and the court receives proof of service. The types of child support documents we handle include the following:

  • Modification of child support
  • Termination of child support
  • Establishing child support
  • Deviations from child support

Paternity Cases Services

AZ Statewide Paralegal also assists mothers and fathers with legal documentation regarding paternity cases. Paternity cases can be filed when a mother is seeking to legally determine the possible biological father through a DNA test. Paternity may also be pursued when the biological father is known, but the parents were not married at the time of the child’s birth. This is a choice made when the father or both parents wish to establish legal decision making, parenting time, and child support. We will handle the document preparation, filing, serving, and deadline tracking to ensure an efficient and seamless resolution.

Compassionate Assistance For Your Arizona Family Law Document Preparation Needs

With unmatched knowledge of Arizona’s legal documentation landscape, AZ Statewide Paralegal provides Arizona family law legal document preparation services that check all the boxes. Discover peace of mind and precision with our full-stack service that handles every aspect of your legal documentation process. Contact our Arizona family law document preparers to schedule an in-person initial meeting today.

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