Divorce with Minor Children in Arizona

Divorce with Minor Children in Arizona   Preparing for a divorce is an emotional and stressful process on its own, but when you add minor children to the equation, it can feel daunting and overwhelming. In Arizona, divorce is referred to as a “dissolution of marriage,” which is the process you undergo to end your […]

Child Custody and Parenting Time

Factors That Influence Child Custody in Arizona While many parents going through a divorce in Arizona can decide on a mutually agreeable child custody arrangement, there are other parents who cannot reach an agreement for one reason or another. The courts obviously encourage parents to work out an agreement between each other, but in the […]

Child Support and Divorce

Need to Modify Child Support? Make Sure You File the Right Way A divorce involving children is never easy. Even when the split is amicable, there are almost always issues to contend with down the road. In most cases, one parent has primary custody of the children, with the other parent paying child support. Sometimes […]


A Child’s Best Interest When Planning For Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time When parents separate or divorce, decisions have to be made based on the child’s best interests. In the past, parents used the term child custody when talking about where children will live and whom makes legal decisions about the child. In 2013, Arizona […]

Establishing Child Support, Parenting Time and Legal Decision Making (Custody)

Paternity 101; Everything You Need to Know Paternity, in the dictionary, is defined as the state of being one’s father, or fatherhood. Establishing paternity means that a court or a government agency has ruled as to who is a child’s father which can provide legal, emotional, social and economic ties between a father and his […]

Child Support

In his proclamation naming August 2015 Child Support Awareness Month, Governor  Douglas A. Ducey states that, “children need parental support and stability from both parents for their financial, emotional and physical growth.” I’m sure we can all agree that a well planned child support agreement is important not only to secure the material needs of […]

Child Support in Arizona Part I-by Shannon Trezza

Arizona’s Child Support Guidelines – Part One In 2005 the Arizona Supreme Court adopted child support guidelines that follow what is referred to as the “Income Shares Model.” The model is based on the amount that would have been spent by the parents on their children if they were still living together.  Under these guidelines, […]

2 types of child support modification in Arizona!-by Shannon Trezza

CHILD SUPPORT MODIFICATION WHICH VERSION SHOULD YOU CHOOSE In Arizona child support modification may be accomplished upon a showing of a substantial and continuing change in circumstances that results in a 15% or more change in the child support amount.  According to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines there are 2 methods: the simplified version or […]

What factors go into the child support calculation in Arizona?-by Shannon Trezza

CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATION -FACTORS The Arizona child support calculator takes into consideration several factors and it uses the income shares model to determine the amount of child support that the non-custodial parent must pay. When determining the child support in a divorce, paternity or child support modification case, the following information is required: GROSS INCOMES. […]

Child Support…..Where does the money go?

Child Support is calculated based upon each parent’s gross income and on the percentage of time that each child is spent with the other parent among other things.  The formula does not consider the time spent in day care or school as time spent with a parent.   So, if the child is in day care […]

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