Formal Probate or Informal Probate

How do you know when a Formal Probate is required? The Pima County Superior Court of Arizona requires that a Formal Probate is filed anytime that there is a Will and the original of the Will cannot be located. A hearing is set in which all interested parties attend and the Court determines whether the copy can be admitted into probate.  Another scenario that may warrant a Formal Probate is when there is no Will but not every heir signs a document waiving the bond requirement. The Applicant and all interested parties attend the hearing to determine whether the Applicant should be appointed without bond.  The probate process is a little complicated.  Our Arizona certified legal document preparers in Tucson know all of the Arizona Rules of Probate Procedure and the local rules for all Arizona Counties.  We can prepare your probate case, file and track deadlines, notify all interested parties and creditors so that you don’t have to worry about the details. Call us today!

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