Need an Arizona LLC formed? Try an Arizona Certified Legal Documents Preparer

Why choose AZ Statewide Paralegal to form your Arizona limited liability company?

We will prepare everything you need and nothing you don’t. We prepare the Articles of Organization for you along with a Notice of Filing. We file the Articles of Organization for you and publish your Notice of Filing for you. Compare that to another document preparation company based in California. Recently, a client of mine got their Articles of Organization prepared by another company but because this company was not based in Arizona they were not advised that they needed to publish their Articles of Organization in a newspaper one time per week for 3 weeks. The Arizona Corporation Commission could have tagged this limited liability company as an LLC that is not in good standing.

Further, they were advised that they needed a corporate seal and were charged another fee. Arizona DOES NOT require a corporate seal. It’s possible that California does but we’re not in California are we?

If you want your Arizona LLC formed correctly using Arizona law stick with an Arizona based document preparation company!

Don’t pay another company in another state to fill out paperwork!

We will prepare, file and publish your Arizona LLC documents for you for less than the cost paid to another company!

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