Arizona Divorce without going to Court

Do I have to appear in Court when I file for Divorce in Arizona?   It is common to think that a court appearance is required when filing for divorce in Arizona. They don’t have to be long, expensive battles in court. It’s quite the opposite. With the help our our certified divorce legal document […]

Divorce with Minor Children in Arizona

Divorce with Minor Children in Arizona   Preparing for a divorce is an emotional and stressful process on its own, but when you add minor children to the equation, it can feel daunting and overwhelming. In Arizona, divorce is referred to as a “dissolution of marriage,” which is the process you undergo to end your […]

Divorce Property and Debt

How does property and debt get divided during a divorce?   When you and your spouse start considering divorce, it can be overwhelming to start thinking about the division of property. Our paralegal team has decades of experience preparing documents for an Arizona divorce and we can ensure that your paperwork will be properly organized […]

Child Support Alternative to Paralegal Services in Arizona

Child Support Alternative to Paralegal Services in Arizona – Why and how do I get child support without being married? Establish Paternity first There are many reasons why a mother, father, or child might want to establish paternity. Some of the reasons are legal and others are more personal. For a child, it may be […]

2 types of child support modification in Arizona!-by Shannon Trezza

CHILD SUPPORT MODIFICATION WHICH VERSION SHOULD YOU CHOOSE In Arizona child support modification may be accomplished upon a showing of a substantial and continuing change in circumstances that results in a 15% or more change in the child support amount.  According to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines there are 2 methods: the simplified version or […]

What factors go into the child support calculation in Arizona?-by Shannon Trezza

CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATION -FACTORS The Arizona child support calculator takes into consideration several factors and it uses the income shares model to determine the amount of child support that the non-custodial parent must pay. When determining the child support in a divorce, paternity or child support modification case, the following information is required: GROSS INCOMES. […]

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