Special Needs Child becoming an Adult Guardianship

Is your Special Needs child becoming an Adult and needs an Adult Guardianship? In Arizona you can apply for an Adult Guardianship for your Special Needs child as early as 17.5 years of age. Once a child becomes 18 years of age, they are considered emancipated children. As the special needs person becomes an adult […]

Child Support Alternative to Paralegal Services in Arizona

Child Support Alternative to Paralegal Services in Arizona – Why and how do I get child support without being married? Establish Paternity first There are many reasons why a mother, father, or child might want to establish paternity. Some of the reasons are legal and others are more personal. For a child, it may be […]

Faster Divorces in Tucson than in Phoenix!

It’s amazing but true! Getting a Divorce in Tucson is actually faster than getting a Divorce in Phoenix? How is that possible? Well in Arizona there is a statutory waiting period of 61 days however, the local rules of procedure for Divorce in Tucson, Pima County, are such that I can submit your Decree for […]

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