Affidavit of Succession, Proof of Authority, Ancillary Probate

Affidavit of Successions, Proof of Authority and Ancillary Probate   If you are dealing with a probate matter that involves property in multiple states, there are some topics with which you will want to familiarize yourself. These include terms like affidavits of succession to real property, proof of authority for foreign domiciliary personal representative, and […]

Small Estate Affidavit of Succession

Avoiding Probate with a Small Estate Affidavit – The Affidavit of Succession Small Estate Affidavit of Succession- Many people wonder whether or not they have to go through probate when a loved one dies with a small estate. There are alternatives to probate that we, at Arizona Statewide Paralegal, can help you with when you […]

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