Tucson Paralegal Alternative Guardianship Minor

Tucson Paralegal Alternative for Guardianship for Minor Children In one of my previous articles, I described the process and issues related to establishing guardianship for elderly parents. In this article I will address the process for the establishing the guardianship of minor children. Legal guardianship is only established by court order. Guardianship for minor children […]

New Training Required for Probate Guardianship and Conservatorship- by Shannon Trezza

NEW ARIZONA PROBATE RULES REQUIRE TRAINING FOR SELF REPRESENTED FIDUCIARIES What in the world does that mean? If you want to represent yourself in your own Probate proceeding or Guardianship/Conservatorship proceeding for an adult or minor, Arizona now requires that any non-licensed person be required to go through some training to get you prepared for […]

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