What is probate

In the simplest of terms probate in Arizona is usually nothing more than a court supervised transfer of property from the decedent to the heirs or devisees.  In Arizona, the probate process from start to finish takes about 18 months from the date the Petition or application is filed until the registrar issues the Certificate of Registrar.  Most of my clients in Tucson are only interested in how long it takes until ownership of the decedent’s assets is transfered to the heirs.  Normally, it’s about 4 months assuming there are no creditor problems.  The completion of a probate in Arizona is quite time consuming and is usually why probate attorneys charge such outrageous hourly rates.  I can prepare, file and track all deadlines for an arizona probate case for a fraction of the cost of an attorney.  Check out the probate process on our probate page and then call us for your appointment. You will be glad we took this process off of your hands! 

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