Divorce with Minor Children in Arizona

Divorce with Minor Children in Arizona   Preparing for a divorce is an emotional and stressful process on its own, but when you add minor children to the equation, it can feel daunting and overwhelming. In Arizona, divorce is referred to as a “dissolution of marriage,” which is the process you undergo to end your […]

Child Custody and Parenting Time

Factors That Influence Child Custody in Arizona While many parents going through a divorce in Arizona can decide on a mutually agreeable child custody arrangement, there are other parents who cannot reach an agreement for one reason or another. The courts obviously encourage parents to work out an agreement between each other, but in the […]

Legal decision making versus Terminating Parental Rights

  The Different Types of Legal Decision Making versus Terminating Parental Rights If you are going through a legal battle regarding parenting time and child Legal Decision Making (fka Custody), it is important to understand the different types of legal decision making options that are available versus terminating the other parent’s parental rights, and the […]


A Child’s Best Interest When Planning For Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time When parents separate or divorce, decisions have to be made based on the child’s best interests. In the past, parents used the term child custody when talking about where children will live and whom makes legal decisions about the child. In 2013, Arizona […]

Establishing Child Support, Parenting Time and Legal Decision Making (Custody)

Paternity 101; Everything You Need to Know Paternity, in the dictionary, is defined as the state of being one’s father, or fatherhood. Establishing paternity means that a court or a government agency has ruled as to who is a child’s father which can provide legal, emotional, social and economic ties between a father and his […]

Grandparent Visitation Rights in Arizona -Part I

GRANDPARENT VISITATION RIGHTS Grandparent visitation rights started to become an issue during the 1970s, according to many commentators who write on the issues affecting grandparents. This issue coincided with the no-fault divorce laws that were enacted across the country beginning in 1970. California was the first state to enact no-fault divorce when it became effective […]

How do I get Spousal Maintenance or Alimony in Arizona- by Shannon Trezza

How do I get spousal maintenance or alimony in Arizona A recent Time magazine article highlights the issue of permanent, or long-term, alimony facing many families. The issue is in the national media because of the veto by Florida Gov. Rick Scott of a bill passed by the Florida legislature to end permanent alimony. Gov. […]

Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time- by Shannon Trezza

For many parents who are separating or divorcing, the issues and concerns around how divorce will impact children is primary. Child custody is the term most parents think when they are making decisions about where children will live. In Arizona, physical custody of a child has been renamed “parenting time.” Legal custody, that is the […]

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