Special Needs Child becoming an Adult Guardianship

Is your Special Needs child becoming an Adult and needs an Adult Guardianship? In Arizona you can apply for an Adult Guardianship for your Special Needs child as early as 17.5 years of age. Once a child becomes 18 years of age, they are considered emancipated children. As the special needs person becomes an adult […]

Divorce with Minor Children in Arizona

Divorce with Minor Children in Arizona   Preparing for a divorce is an emotional and stressful process on its own, but when you add minor children to the equation, it can feel daunting and overwhelming. In Arizona, divorce is referred to as a “dissolution of marriage,” which is the process you undergo to end your […]

Certified Legal Document Preparation Service for Divorce in Arizona

How a Document Preparation Service can Help with Your Arizona Divorce If you are preparing for a divorce, or you have just been served with divorce papers, you may be looking to hire an attorney to help you through the process. Did you know that in Arizona, you can hire a licensed document preparation service […]

Child Custody and Parenting Time

Factors That Influence Child Custody in Arizona While many parents going through a divorce in Arizona can decide on a mutually agreeable child custody arrangement, there are other parents who cannot reach an agreement for one reason or another. The courts obviously encourage parents to work out an agreement between each other, but in the […]

Divorce Property and Debt

How does property and debt get divided during a divorce?   When you and your spouse start considering divorce, it can be overwhelming to start thinking about the division of property. Our paralegal team has decades of experience preparing documents for an Arizona divorce and we can ensure that your paperwork will be properly organized […]

What is a Holographic Will?

Holographic wills are handwritten and valid in Arizona providing that it can be proven that the will was written by the testator, via witness or handwriting expert. Holographic wills could include a detailed or general statement of the disposition of the Testator’s assets, the nomination of a personal representative, and if the Testator has minor […]

Process Servers

When attempting to serve a Petition for Dissolution, occasionally process servers are called upon to serve these legal documents to an uncooperative spouse. Process servers must be certified and licensed by the Arizona Supreme Court in order to serve legal documents on someone. They are given either a physical description or photograph of the spouse. […]

Need an Arizona LLC formed? Try an Arizona Certified Legal Documents Preparer

Why choose AZ Statewide Paralegal to form your Arizona limited liability company? We will prepare everything you need and nothing you don’t. We prepare the Articles of Organization for you along with a Notice of Filing. We file the Articles of Organization for you and publish your Notice of Filing for you. Compare that to […]

Twice the bang for your buck!

Shannon Trezza is an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer and also a Certified Estate Planner.  What does this mean for you? Now you have an opportunity to save hundreds in Estate Planning fees AND thousands in attorney’s fees. Why? Most certified estate planners can give you very valuable information on how to position assets in […]

What is probate

In the simplest of terms probate in Arizona is usually nothing more than a court supervised transfer of property from the decedent to the heirs or devisees.  In Arizona, the probate process from start to finish takes about 18 months from the date the Petition or application is filed until the registrar issues the Certificate of […]

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